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Bamboo gets such a bad reputation in Austin, mostly because there are invasive varieties of bamboo which have not been properly planted and maintained; these invasive or running varieties grow to become a problem for most people including their neighbors in a few short years.

There are over 1,000 species of Bamboo, however, not all species are invasive nor do they all thrive in the same weather conditions. Bamboo Your Privacy provides the best varieties of clumping bamboo for our winters as well as our summers. In addition, we provide information on the differences between clumping and running bamboo.

We are excited about Bamboo because Bamboo absorbs carbon dioxide from our atmosphere and releases 35% more oxygen than a comparable tree. This is particulary important to us because Austin has grown, in population, 15.5% from 2010 to 2014 (that's an increase of 122+ thousand people), and it keeps growing; consequently, traffic has also increased and continues to do so. Not only does Bamboo provide aestetically pleasing landscapes, short and extremely tall privacy hedges but, in addition, it greatly helps our environment and the quality of the air we breathe!
Taking on a more holistic consideration, Bamboo assists in preventing deforestation by providing a renewable resource that can be harvested and utilized within 3-5 years as opposed to trees which take at least 10-60 years, quite importantly, Bamboo does not have to be re-planted in order to continue to harvest this amazing resource, and...we are excited about Bamboo simply because Bamboo is beautiful!

Bamboo Your Privacy attends several events throughout the year in order to provide information to as many people as possible on the different types of bamboo, including information on how Bamboo can help satisfy their gardening design needs, privacy needs, and at the same time help our environment.

Bamboo Your Privacy attends or has attended in previous years the following events: Austin Home & Garden Show, Bamboo Festival, and Fall and Spring Plant Sale at Zilker Gardens.

Bamboo Your Privacy is a member of, and makes monetary and Bamboo donations to the Texas Bamboo Society.

Bamboo Your Privacy has also donated Bamboo to Cedar Park High School and has done an educational session for their environmental class. We look forward to continue to do the same for many other schools.

It is Bamboo Your Privacy's mission to continue to provide as much information about Bamboo to as many people as possible, as well as, assist with providing Bamboo, delivering, installing and grooming it!!

Our plant sales and your support help us continue our mission! Thank You!

Assist with planting more Bamboo in Texas due to its environmental benefits

Provide consultancy on Bamboo variety selection to satisfy customer needs

At Bamboo Your Privacy, we provide consultancy based on measurements and pictures of the space. However, approximate measurements and a description of the space suffice for us to be able to make recommentations.

Sometimes our recommendations do not matter once our customers fall in love with a certain variety of bamboo and that's ok! It is up to our customer to make the final decision once they come look at our Bamboo, unless they prefer otherwise.

Provide Bamboo, delivery, installation, and grooming services for our customers

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512-947-8749 [call or text]

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